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The Free Throw Master


Dear Fellow Coach,

It gives us great pleasure to announce the newest establishment recently opened in Baton Rouge totally dedicated to the development of advanced basketball skills. Especially shooting, offensive footwork and scoring moves.

We believe that the skill and science of shooting is grossly misunderstood as verified in national statistics. That’s why we have dedicated the PBA (Palubinskas Basketball Academy) which has over 50 years of global experience specifically to the pursuit of mastering the mystery of shooting. A half century of experience has proven that it takes knowledge of scientific principles and natural laws to be very good and all this information has to be assimilated into 1 second or the time it takes to shoot. Shooting starts “inside out and not outside in”. We believe basketball starts and many times finishes at the free throw line. We expect all of our students to shoot above 90%. 

With the right motivation, dedication and support any player can reach this goal in a very short time but it does require behavioral changes. A poor shooting percentage is always related to poor mechanics. We understand that most coaches can’t devote the time to individual shooting development and there is frustration when the kids are so inconsistent. Even if they do they may not be getting the right message across. If your player is a poor shooter there is a reason for that. We are here to solve those problems and teach the players what it takes to be a great shooter. 

The reason I started the PBA is that I have been shooting 99% from the line for over 30 years and still do to this day. I am compelled to do this and share my secrets and years of experience and success with any student willing to learn and improve. We will also be holding Shooting clinics for coaches to help them with new ideas and techniques to help alleviate any possible frustrations they may have and show them revolutionary shooting principles which forces development. 

We are not affiliated with any public or private school system and we hold year round clinics and private classes for individual or group sessions. We also entertain shooting clinics where I will travel to your school and do full one day or 2 day clinics for kids in your area. If you want to host an AAU or private tournament just call and we can accommodate you.  
(225) 324-6022

has introduced a new "QUANTUM LEAP" training module that incorporates 25 years of knowledge into new, fresh and revolutionary concepts of shooting principles. This training will greatly bridge the 30% ratio of inefficiency that is prevalent in the NBA and other top level basketball competitions nationally and internationally. The PBA's prize strategy is to create high margins of accuracy and deliver high added value to our clients. 

"Millions of dollars are lost in potential revenue when an NBA player misses a free throw". History has proven that most close games are won and lost at the free throw line. So it suffices that the team with the best shooting percentage will be the victor. The dollar value associated with the missed, uncontested free throw is staggering. Accuracy and knowledge of perfect shooting principles is the MAJOR key to winning OFTEN. The NBA should not ignore these facts. 

At all levels of competition there is a major percentage deficiency at the free throw line and shooting accuracy in general. The NBA percentage ratio of inefficiency is approximately 30%. The field goal shooting percentage hovers around the 45th percentile. These figures are totally unacceptable in a league field with the best athletes in the world. The lack of knowledge of perfect shooting mechanics seems to be wide spread throughout the NBA. This problem has never been more evident as it was in the 1994-95 NBA playoffs. the 73.4% average was the lowest in the past 25 years. The 1984 overall field goal shooting percentage was at an all time high of .492. In 1994 that percentage dropped to .466, the lowest in 27 years. 

To further substantiate the case for lost games over poor shooting look at the games lost as of March 28, 1995 by 10 points or less in the NBA.

Needless to say, none of the above teams except the Boston Celtics made it to the playoffs The Celtics even saw the closure of the world famous Boston Garden on a missed free throw. 

What's the problem?

Free throws can NOT be blocked, hindered or obstructed in any way.

The self imposed factors that effect a player's shooting include: Lack of complete and perfect knowledge of shooting mechanics inability to implement perfect mechanics to one's mental and physical game. Hence, the lack of confidence at the free throw line.

Other factors involved in poor shooting include some anatomical problems.


The PBA objective is to eliminate any guesswork in the shot process and condition players to "MASTER THE SHOOTING MOMENT". What happens in the shooting moment is what can be the turning point in the game. The PBA curriculum is subjective and consists of lessons that teach players and teams what works and doesn't work. All players possess the basis of shooting. Subjectively is expert power, strength in a point of view concerning what enhances a player capacity to be more competitively advantaged. there is a need to raise the awareness level in the dynamics of mechanics, techniques and how to implement hem into players strategic ideology. Players will be instructed on how to "feel" the perfect shot and transfer the perfect mechanics into the muscle memory bank and transfer and transfer this learning into perfect shot performance within the time it takes to blink an eye. The goal of PBA is to eliminate the suffocating and tangling web of self-induced frustration and lack of knowledge. The player(s) will become the master of a dormant talent that turns anxiety and dreams into reality. 


Our proposal is structured into 3 tiers 

An evaluation to determine why they are not more efficient on the line and/or from the field (1-3 days)

Once a month (1-2 DAYS) over 8-9 month period

services provided to the entire team as specified by the General Manager/coach


As an owner of a business or franchise, you would not hire an accountant whose books were only accurate 90% of the time. You could not tolerate work practices than jeopardize your bottom line. The same applies to your players. The bottom line is that just a 5-7% improvement in free throw percentage can translate into a minimum of 25% more wins as well as millions of dollars in revenue. You cannot merely want to be successful, you need specificity", you need to quantify you intended outcome and then work to engineer the mechanics relevant to achieve you goal. The longer you wait to take action the less time you have to harvest the opportunity to improve shooting weaknesses dramatically. The PBA understands that it is impossible for all coaches to posses all the intricate knowledge of shooting category. This is another reason for the establishment of the 
"Palubinskas Basketball Academy”.

Ed Palubinskas
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